Sunday, August 28, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Worst blogger ever

Well, I have given myself the title of worst blogger ever! I haven't updated this since September! So much has happened since then... the most important being the addition of Micah to our family! He was born December 16th and was 9 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches long. A big baby. Other news is that call day is 16 days away, and that's when we'll find out where our first call is. Very exciting! And Nerve wracking to not know... but we'll know soon enough! Anyway, I will update after call day.... at least that's my plan!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here are pictures from our church and home! :) Just click on the image of Our Savior's and Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Things

We are reminded in scripture that God will make all things new... this is referring to when His kingdom is completely restored at the last day, but I am continually reminded of that at this time when all things are new to us!

We are in a new house, a new church, a new town, new schools, new EVERYTHING! It has been an experience. We are adjusting and enjoying our new surroundings.

Greyson is doing great at church, he will be in charge of all the youth, teaching Confirmation, and doing an evangelism project mainly reaching out to our inactives.

I am staying quite busy at home with Amelia and Nathanael running around. Gideon started full day kindergarten... I can't believe how big he is! Amelia started dance classes, and Nathanael has reached his terrible 2s! We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of boy #3, another new thing, and just enjoying our time until he arrives.

I will post pictures of the house and church later on today, so you can see all our "new things."

Sorry it has been so long since I posted, I'm hoping to keep up on it better this time... another "new" thing to try! :) Blessings! ~ Mendy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pictures of the cruise and kids with Grandma & Grandpa

A Long Time...

Well, it's been a long time since I blogged and I decided I need to change that! So much has happened since Christmas. Greyson and I went on our cruise to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss! It was great. We went to Grand Turk Island and Nassau, Bahamas. We snorkeled, explored and just had a great time together.

My parents kept our kids for the 6 days we were gone. What a blessing that was. We could really enjoy ourselves knowing our kids were safe and taken care of. The kids had a fabulous time with Grandma and Grandpa too! They even got to ride the train at the mall which mommy never wants to pay for!

Greyson has gotten back into the swing of things at school. This is going to be a tough quarter, but we're really looking forward to the next month when we will know where we will be going! Call day is April 27th... 32 days away!

Gideon is doing great in school. We had his first ever parent teacher conference and he is ready for Kindergarten. The teacher says he is a joy to have in class and is her best "picker upper"... I wish he would bring that skill home with him! hehe

Amelia is wanting to be called Amelia exclusively... It's quite cute. Grandma said "Hi Mia." and she told grandma, "I want to be called Amelia!" She is the poster child for 3 year old princesses. She changes her clothes at least 3 times a day and is constantly wanting to wear a dress and do her nails. She's a lot of fun at this age.

Nathanael is attached to me majorly! We need some prayers for him to start sleeping through the night. He's having a hard time with it and mommy and daddy are pretty tired. He is running now and loves for you to chase him. He loves to do whatever brother and sister are doing, sometimes they are ok with that, but sometimes not!

All three of our children are such blessings and are so much fun! Prayers are always needed for their health. Gideon is still allergic to Milk & Eggs, Amelia to milk and maybe more, but she's never been tested. Amelia has her renal reflux, she will be tested for that again on the 6th and hopefully the test will show that it has corrected itself and no surgery is necessary, Nathanael had an abnormal kidney ultrasound, so he may be tested for the same thing.

Greyson and I are doing great. We actually have a date night tonight! We're looking forward to that! I have been listening to books on tape all the time and of course reading. I have finally found a successful method for reading my Bible. I am doing "Today's Light" and meeting with a group of women on Monday nights, and I am excited to say that I have kept up and been reading my Bible every night before bed for 4 months now! I had to have a mentor of mine challenge me to not pick up my novel until my time with the Word was done, and I have stuck with that challenge and been very blessed by it! I even have notes in my Bible that I read this section while on the beach in Grand Turk! If I keep up with it I will have read through the entire Bible cover to cover by November of 2011.

This week Gideon was off school and I took the kids to Rockford for some much needed time up there. We stayed with Emmett and Julie again and had a wonderful time! They are such a blessing to us and Mia just loves playing with Harper constantly! They had a great time. We were able to visit most of our Rockford friends and Gideon had at least 2 play dates with Tyson. We always look forward to our time there.

Well, that's about it for now. I will get pictures posted later. God bless!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Quincy

I pray your Christmas has been as fabulous as ours! We have had a wonderful time with friends and family. Fun in the snow, great food, games, and of course Christmas presents! With mom's side of the family we each bought a game and did a gift exchange and then spent all afternoon playing everyone's games! It was so much fun! Our family loves games so much and this was really a great time! Gideon and Mia loved opening gifts, as any 3 and 5 yr olds will! This was Mia's Barbie Christmas... she got 5 barbies, some princesses, some regular barbies. Gideon got a sword, a light saber, and a dart gun. He's had tons of fun with uncle Rusty with those. Our family as a whole got a Wii and have had lots of fun creating our Miis and playing together. We'll have to definitely set time limits on that one! :) The kids would play constantly if we let them! We've had so much fun already and we are looking forward to seeing our friends, the Wysockis, for New Years! It's going to be fabulous to spend time together! :) God bless your New Year!